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The Team: Team
Adrian Elliott. Our breakfast show host.


Station owner and presenter

I have been in the disco business since I was 12 when I began helping my brother with his disco. A spell at the Thorndike theatre in Leatherhead's  young stagers ran side by side, but I was forced to make the choice & went for dj work. I joined Soul Instagation at 14 playing the latest soul/funk imports from the States  A few years later I joined International Sounds & when the opportunity arose to purchase it, I took the chance and the rest they say is history. After working in forces radio in Aldershot, Hampshire I moved to Cornwall with my family and joined Radio St Austell Bay and later moved to The Hub. When that sadly closed in 2016 I was encouraged to create my own internet based radio station and we have been going from strength to strength ever since

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Merchandise Manager

Information coming soon.



Presenter & Technical Director

I have been doing radio for about 8 years and did a show for 3 years with my brother on The Hub in Cornwall until it sadly closed and then we started our own radio station online, Always loved the technical side of radio. Helped Adrian set up ISR and just love doing more shows and help ISR grow.

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Station producer and mascot

Most important member of the team

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Angelina Clark


I've Been doing radio for 3 years now. I do alternative mid mornings Monday show, with my husband, Finley. 

Radio has made me become confident in myself and I really enjoy dong the show with Finley. 


Chris Dunn


Born in 1960,United Kingdom, resides in Lincoln.I am a Train Driver by profession and have a passion for Reggae music.

It was in the late 70's that I found my love of Reggae Music, I worked on a production line where the music everyday was Reggae / Calypso / Soca piped through the works tannoy system.

At this time I was asked by my elder Jamaican Friend, Michael Alphonso Smith if I wanted to get involved with Discos ( he had the equipment but I had the transport and I jumped at the opportunity).This venture turned out to be actually playing at Jamaican House parties.

From this I went alone, established my own mobile disco and was rewarded with a Weekend residency at a working man's club in South London providing music to get the crowds going before and after a live band.

Late 80's I packed it all in, until it was resurrected in 2008 when I joined my works entertainment committee and could provide entertainment at works events at a fraction of the costs involved.

In 2012 I joined my local community Radio station providing a live 3 hour program of 70's music,in 2018 I switched to Reggae and The Chris Dunn Reggae Show was born.2019 and I no longer had the time to present through work commitments but after a few months an Internet Radio Station contacted me to provide a Reggae Show.within the year I had the show being broadcast in America,Cambodia,Canada,New Zealand,Spain and U.K.on about 16 radio stations.

I hope you enjoy the show

Best Wishes and Thanks

Chris Dunn


Colin Handslip


Many years ago, well 1995 to be precise, I presented a programme called The Saturday Night Dance Party in Southampton. Little did I know that almost 20 years later I would be asked to do it all over again. On the 5th February 2014 the first Dance Classics was broadcast. As often happens with radio being the type of industry it is, it didn't take long for word to get around and ask if they could take the show as well. Never one to turn down the opportunity for more airtime I couldn't resist and so the programme gained a 'network' feel to it and started to spread across a few more internet only stations. The format is a good mix of dance music form the 80's and 90's, both of a commercial nature and a few of the more underground tracks as well. The one big feature is 'The Big 12 incher' where I play a 12" version of a dance track from the era.

CM ME_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dave Watkins


The Country Mile fully launched in January 2017, based in a small studio in Somerset and has grown steadily ever since. Now syndicated around the world, the show plays all current release music - Traditional style Country, Honky Tonk, Outlaw, Western, Bluegrass and Ameripolitan. The proper stuff! 


Dave spent six years on local community radio from 2010 and won a national award for a previous Blues show. Now recording from home, he has been on the list of nominations for the Academy of Western Artists Awards in both 2020 and 2021, the only UK radio show to be included. 


You can listen to previous shows here: or subscribe on various podcast websites. 

Get in touch here:


DJ Taffy D


Derek Walker. DJ Taffy D. Born in Malta 1982 Married with 4 kids and 2 grand kids. Moved to Uk when I was 2 and brought up in a small Town Pontypridd. Did Clubs Discos in my late teens in weekends. Did my apprenticeship in HGV fitting and then started working for Finning Caterpillar Dealer. Moved to Cornwall 8 years ago with Finning and took over local depot in Nanpean but since moved onto working for Imerys in Cornwall China Clay Pits. Joined Nanpean Football Club 7 years ago as a player and now assist in running the club and became General Secretary for Duchy League Football. And then not to forget ISR radio presenter right at the end.

Fi Shoop.jpg

Fi Shoop


I’m Fi Shoop and I’ve been on the radio off and on for over a decade but no one was ever brave enough to trust me with a playlist before. One of the things I love about International Sounds Radio is that we can choose whatever music we like. There is no set playlist which means I get to showcase new talent or play lesser-known tracks by established musicians. The way I work is that every track except for the main album, One to Watch spot and my last song are all related to topics. My favourite link was Garth Brooks’ Beer Run when talking about the Lewes Beer Festival – and people think we just choose music because we like it! The last song is always my goodbye for the evening and has that word in the title or lyrics. It’s a good way to end the show and that’s also when the kettle goes on. I have a set format for the show which varies slightly on busier weeks. One set of five tips has been quietly taken out of the running order for at least five shows so far – great shame as I have the best Stereophonics track to go with it! The tips are a time factor movable feature but the rest stands – news, songs, topics, reviews, drink-album match, big topic of the week, One to Watch and my sign off, followed by a goodbye track. I play 9-10 songs every week and you’re always welcome to get in touch and ask what they are if you missed the title. I make a point of announcing the tracks before and after playing them, just in case you walk into the room halfway through. It’s happened to me enough times when listening to the radio that I’ve made sure always to repeat myself so no one misses out. I’m a complete newshound and even missed my magazine column deadline this week after being hooked on Brexit (sorry, editor!). I make notes for the show all week so I don’t forget any news stories or topics that I want to raise – whether that’s Twitter trolling (you can speak to me there on @FiShoop but no trolling, please!), knowing when to quit your job or gig etiquette. On a normal week, the news for the week takes about 2 minutes. During Brexit, it took much longer but I try to address it in such a way that anyone not interested in current affairs or politics doesn’t feel left out and so everyone enjoys the show. It’s not always an easy balance and I turn some stories into topics so they become discussion pieces, not dry rundowns of facts. I still can’t believe people paid £150 for a hamper of M&S snacks and a poncho for the Queen’s 90th birthday soggy picnic – almost but not quite news, better addressed as a discussion topic. I also love Trump Corner which is about the latest ‘I can’t believe he said/did that’ moment from Donald Trump – radio gold but it feels more like a soap opera than real life. We don’t have adverts so I use songs as natural breaks and I added one to last week’s show because the topics didn’t segue comfortably and I wanted to take a pause so, after discussing Jo Cox’s murder, I played Benjamin Clementine’s Gone. I have to admit that I was in tears when it was playing – have a listen, it’s a great song. My producer and I both dance to some of the tracks I play. I love guitar bands and driving rhythms so there are rocking moments every show. I mean literally rocking moments as the beat takes over and we can’t resist moving to it. I’ve never actually done that on any other show but the Cocktail Hour is that sort of programme. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do. Where do the drinks come in? Every week, when planning the show’s running order, I review drinks, then cocktail match the main album. As well as reviewing the album of choice and playing two tracks from it, I make a drink to enhance the listening process. Every song has to work with the cocktail or I have to start all over again. My record is seven cocktails. I was very relaxed after that! I usually get it right the first or second time – and that’s not nearly so fun but some albums just have obvious matches or a certain spirit works and you go from there. It’s hard work but huge fun. And that’s what the Cocktail Hour is – no, not hard work but great fun. It’s news, views, reviews, drinks and the best music around.

Gary Hopkins.jpg

Gary Hopkins


My name is Gary and I present a Blast from the 80s and a Blast From The 90s.
I've been presenting on the radio since 2011 and I love bringing them together each week and finding some gems. 
I love all kinds of music especially from these decades and I love from time to time talking to the artists from these decades and hearing and sharing with listeners new music from them too.
Away from radio I work in administration in North Somerset, I'm married with 4 children and enjoy playing computer games as well including retro games on the ZX spectrum and enjoying the odd walk as well.
I am a world record holder (At least I think I still am) and I've appeared on The One Show as well.

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Gordon Cooper


I bought my first single in 1969....."Sugar Sugar" by The Archies!!! I continued collecting rather a cross section of music until my best friend bought me "Burn" by Deep Purple for my eighteen birthday!! That was it....I became a life long "rocker" from then on!!

So my first love is ROCK, as is my second & third love.....although The Carpenters are my guilty pleasure!! Aside from Rock, I also love Sixties & Seventies music.....probably because I lived through them!!! lol

My love of Radio has been going for more years than I care to remember.....25+ years with Sunshine Radio on the Isle of Wight & a stint on internet radio with Vectis Radio for eight years, then I seemed to get offers to broadcast my shows all over the place!

A final thought....If someone had told me in 1969 not to collect the 6000 plus albums I collected over the decades because you'd be able to access them & more on a mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand I'd have never have believed it!!! Mind, I did enjoy collecting them!!!

Jaspa Barrott.jpg

Jaspa Barrott


Jaspa Barrott is an ex RAF Armourer, amateur Guitarist and all round music lover with a real love of Metal. Originating from Birmingham he has lived and worked all around the UK and Europe with a stint in the Falklands. His taste in music reaches from 70s glam rock, via 80s  Electronica to Metal and beyond..he has even been known to like some classical tracks!
His passion for promoting and introducing new and upcoming bands stems from his stint doing sound and lighting for bands in local venues in and around his adopted home patch of Gloucestershire.
Seeing how hard it was for bands to get air time etc he felt there was a need to introduce their music to new audiences.
His show has changed quite a bit over the 10 + years it has been running but his enthusiasm never wanes . With band contributions as far  ranging as from Europe, the far east, north and south America and South Africa. Its never too late to find your new Favourite Band :)

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Jeff Hyman


Jeff is an original member of the highly acclaimed 1960’s folk group “The Gaslight Singers”. He is a multi-balloted Grammy recording artist and is also the host “Somewhere In Time with Jeff Hyman”, a unique program heard here on International Sounds.  The program features both the music and background stories of artists and the times they live in. He refers to his show as “Candy for the ears and food for the brain”.

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I started bringing music to the public as a DJ in the late 70's/ early 80's. Then I discovered internet radio & presented on various stations, eventually opening up my own station which ran for 5 years but work commitments dictated otherwise & now I am back playing music to the masses on this station.
Hope you enjoy my shows.
Mr. G ''

Nicky B.PNG

Nicky B


Have been asked by the management to do a mini biog. Well where do I start it all started for me when I started doing hospital radio in the '80's. Then got a lucky break working on OB's for Londons Capital radio from there moved around the country doing various on air stuff for some major radio stations and am now here and have to say am loving every single bit of it
FAQ's  What are 3 things that you cant live without?
music, car, mobile phone
Give us one word that your mum would use to descibe you? Nutter
If its the bosses shout what's your poison? Vodka and coke
When are you most happy?
Leaving work on a Friday afternoon 
What tune blows your hair back? What hair you taking the p*** oh sorry Jo Smooth - Promised Land
What book are you reading at the moment?
David Jason
Tell us about your best weekend ever. The best weekends are the one's you cant remember so sorry ya lucks out
Who is in your top 3? Jennifer Aniston Rachel Stevens Holly Willoughby

Rachel Logan_edited_edited.jpg

Rachel Logan


Rachel Logan comes to us from the U.S.A. and has excelled as a professional on air talent (presenter) for over 13 years in the States of Georgia, Florida and Maryland. Having entertained radio audiences and played the hits in the genres of Classic Rock, Pop, Country and Adult Contemporary, Rachel has dazzled audiences with her style, personality, wit, and creativity. But it’s her love and passion for the rock genre of music, specifically Hair Metal and Melodic Rock, that bring her show, ‘Rachel’s Rock Refuge’ to International Sounds Radio. Created, produced and hosted by Logan, the show features the finest in Melodic Rock, Hair Metal and AOR from around the globe and you can expect to hear stories, humour, artist info and killer interviews regularly! Rachel is also a very accomplished voice over talent, lending her voice to many projects such as narrations, TV and radio commercials, promos, audiobooks, business presentations and on hold messaging to many companies and corporations both in the U.S. and internationally.  In2015, Rachel was chosen as the North American voice for Pandora Jewellery for both television and radio.  Other notable clients she’s voiced for include Marriott International, Publix Pharmacy, Kaplan College, Palm Beach Tan and much more. We’re excited and proud to bring this 2 hour rock syndication sensation directly to our amazing U.K. audience. Rachel’s Rock Refuge airs on Tuesday nights at 7pm, here on International Sounds Radio.

Steve Bishop.jpg

Steve Bishop


​Steve Bishop was a button presser behind the scenes at many commercial and BBC local stations and went on to present his own show on Radio Caroline. Further stints on community radio stations in the South East of England led to him recording and syndicating his own oldies show, with music in the 50s to 80s period, from the comfort of his garden coal bunker, despite the fire risk. He can often be found on the terraces of Queens Park Rangers football club but wonders why, as they never go and see him when he's bad. Drinks tea like it's going out of fashion. A self-confessed luddite, he still uses CD players, record decks and tape machines. Steve’s music taste includes artists such as Electric Light Orchestra, Al Stewart, David Bowie and 1970s Queen. He intends to get away with doing his radio show for as long as possible.

Titus Jennings.jpg

Titus Jennings


 A child of the '60s and of suburban London, though now a resident of South Wales - has been involved in radio and the music industry, in one form or another, for most of his working life. He's been waffling away and playing his always-eclectic blend of music since the late '70s on stations such as London Hospitals Broadcasting, Kingston Hospital Radio and University Radio Bath. In the '90s and '00s he presented the Breakfast Shows on Bath’s Torch FM and Bristol's Caroline Rocks, and has been working as a presenter/producer & programme controller on a number of internet-based stations since 2005. Titus managed a couple of Bristol record stores in the late '80s, was a Pinnacle Records sales rep for a decade, and has also written CD, DVD and book reviews for Record Collector and other publications. He did ask us to mention that he is available for further voiceover, writing and audio production work; please send offers via his email, twitter or facebook accounts (which he plugs relentlessly). His Retro Album Chart Show features the charts from 2 years each week, and includes the cream of the crop from each (or at least the cream of the relevant crop of his collection...). The Titus Jennings Experience is a programme featuring a wide array of styles, some very new and some rather older, but all hand-picked and sorted in order to give your ears a real treat. As someone once put it "Top Tunes Without Boundaries".


Chris Clark


Chris says: "I have loved 45rpm vinyl records since 1954 when my mum and
dad bought a Guy Mitchell EP, and pop music radio since I discovered
Saturday Club on the Light Programme."
His other likes include reading, movies and television - anything that
involves sitting about doing nothing really. Chris asked us not to
include that he is a big fan of Dr Who, comic books and professional
wrestling as it makes him look like a geek... so we won't... oops!

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